Made of sustainably produced European oak -which is glued to a birch plywood backing-, CozyOak is the ideal choice for a wooden floor on underfloor heating. By choosing only the best quality, our floors are guaranteed to last for years.

CozyOak floors are 100% FSC wood and 100% Made in Holland.



Hungarian point

Our CozyOak colours:

White wash

Smoked white

Smoked brown


Natural white

Natural grey

Chocolate brown

Black wash

(Our specialists will develop any colour you want.) *Also available as wall panels

Developed for underfloor heating

Not every wood floor is suitable for underfloor heating but CozyOak wood floors are. CozyOak wood floors hardly 'work' when heated up because all wood parts are dried, pre-stressed, and glued in our own factory with proper care. Due to the chosen wood species and slender dimensions, the heat transfer is optimal and the comfort feeling lingers long after the heating is turned off. The result: an attractive, affordable and durable wooden floor that lasts at least twice as long as PVC.

Easy to maintain

Your CozyOak wood floor is smoothly laid and made to live on. Keeping your floor in good condition is easy to do yourself. All you have to do is vacuum and mop.

Timeless durability

Wood simply scores better than plastic alternatives when it comes to energy efficiency when applied over underfloor heating. Because our floors are made in the Netherlands in a sustainable manner, the CozyOak wood floor has a much smaller ecological footprint. In addition, our wood comes from responsibly managed forests. Whereas, for example, a PVC floor has to be removed and disposed of at the end of its life (and is not recyclable), a CozyOak wood floor can be sanded and re-coloured over time.

Slightly more expensive to buy, much more advantageous over its lifetime

A CozyOak wood floor is only a few euros more expensive to buy than an average PVC floor. Only, the lifespan of a wood floor is considerably longer than that of a plastic alternative and therefore much cheaper in the long run.

More comfortable than natural stone or PVC

Parquet has a higher thermal resistance than a stone-like floor finish or PVC slab. But this has no negative impact on heating and cooling a home and no higher energy losses are measurable. Floors designed for underfloor heating can make a positive contribution to the efficiency and lifetime of a heat pump. And heated rooms are perceived as comfortable for longer. Read more in Heat pumps and parquet

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