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Under the Veno Label, we supply a set of product lines with a very competitive price-performance ratio: the VenoPlank Economy, the VenoPlank Pure, the VenoPlank Essential, and the Specials.

VenoPlank Economy

A floor for life

Economy 1

Economy 2

Economy 3

Economy 4

Economy 5

Any colour is possible

Every Economy VenoPlank is oiled twice with a protective, UV-dried oil layer. This ensures a floor that will last for many years. Moreover, the floor is immediately ready for use, quickly available, available in every conceivable colour option and very suitable for large volumes.

That's why you choose VenoPlank Economy

  • Top-quality European oak wood
  • The keenest price
  • Rustic plank
  • Immediately ready for installation
  • Quickly available
  • Available in every colour option
  • Suitable for large volumes
  • 100% Made in Holland

VenoPlank Pure

A floor with character

Pure 1

Pure 2

Pure 3

Pure 4

Pure 5

Pure 6

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Pure 8

Pure 10

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Pure 14

Our Pure collection lives up to its name. The Pure VenoPlank is an authentic plank that owes its pure appearance to the way we brush out the soft wood. This makes the natural grain stand out beautifully. If you are looking for a floor with an expressive character, the Pure collection is for you.

We carry out the brushing process in-house and it takes place in four stages with different types of brushes. As a result, we accentuate the original structure of the wood and create natural colour nuances in the plank. We emphasise this by applying several layers of stain. The result is a Pure VenoP plank with a unique, sparkling appearance. When you choose the Pure collection, you choose a floor with character.

Immediately ready for use

We oil the Pure VenoPlank twice with a protective, UV-dried oil layer. There are several options to choose from. This protective top layer ensures a floor that is ready for use immediately.

That's why you choose VenoPlank Pure

  • Top-quality European oak wood
  • Character shelf
  • Rustic plank
  • Immediately ready for installation
  • Quickly available
  • Available in every colour option
  • Suitable for large volumes
  • 100% Made in Holland

VenoPlank Essential

High quality and short delivery times

























Custom-made for you

The highly refined grading of the wood, a different thickness or width of the plank, or a specific choice of treatment: with a Special VenoPlank, you can customise your floor from A to Z.

Our Special collection is characterised by its great flexibility. Apart from our standard dimensions, we offer you various options with regard to colour, size and processing. From the width of the plank to the smoking and oiling of the floor; you determine the process from start to finish. This allows you to compose the floor entirely according to your wishes.

Come for inspiration

Thanks to our years of experience and state-of-the-art machinery, we can deliver your custom-made floor relatively quickly. As this is a unique product, we only work on request. Depending on the desired number of square metres of Special Venoplank, it is possible to make a trial shipment. Feel free to visit our showroom in Drachten for inspiration. We will be happy to guide you through the various possibilities.

That's why you choose our specials

  • Top-quality European oak wood
  • Custom-made shelf
  • Very fine or coarse sorting
  • Immediately ready for installation
  • On request only
  • 100% Made in Holland

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