100% Made in Holland

Driven by 20 years of experience

Veno Wood Flooring is a devoted family-owned company with over 20 years of experience in producing wood flooring, which originated from the passion of founder Hielke Oosten. The characteristic Frisian levelheadedness and no-nonsense mentality are in our blood. What you see, is what you get.

Our company oozes woodworking. This passion is visible in our partners as well. That is why we consciously invest in sustainable relationships. We are glad to be your supplier. We therefore supply many of our products under our private label. It is our goal to make your brand stronger.

World-wide delivery from the Netherlands

Veno closely follows the world-wide market and knows how to create relevant products for current trends. Because we have partners around the world, we are precisely aware of global developments. We operate in multiple countries, which continuously challenges us to develop products for the future. Every Veno floor is produced in our own factory. We know every knot and take care of the production process from A to Z. At Veno we can proudly say: our floors are a 100% Made in Holland.

Working on a sustainable future

Sustainability is our central theme. We think that sustainable entrepreneurship is about handling materials, people, and the environment in a responsible way. This is why we exclusively use sustainable materials. Our wood is acquired through responsible logging and is a 100% traceable. We use refuse-derived fuel to heat our workshop and offices. All leftover wood is repurposed, as pellet-stove fuel, for instance. Therefore, nothing is wasted.


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  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Fast logistics
  • World-wide delivery
  • 100% made in Holland