• Economy VenoPlank

    A floor for life

Economy VenoPlank

A floor for life

When you choose a VenoPlank, you choose a floor for life. Even within our Economy line. You may always expect the highest standards from us.

A floor for life

The difference with the other collections is in the sorting of the wood and the final finish of the product. The Economy VenoPlank is a rustic plank, loosely sorted. This means that individual planks differ from one another in terms of knots, for instance. With the Economy VenoPlank you get a true product of nature. This creates a varied floor, which brings your home or office to life.

Any color is possible

Every Economy VenoPlan is treated twice with a protective, UV-dried oil coating. This ensures that you get a floor that lasts for years. Additionally, the floor will be ready for use immediately, is available quickly, can be delivered in any color you can think of and is very suitable for large volumes.

This is why Economy VenoPlank is for you:

  • Top-quality European oak
  • Competitively priced
  • Rustic plank
  • Loosely sorted
  • Ready to install
  • Quickly available
  • Available in any color
  • Suitable for large volumes
  • 100% Made in Holland

Meet our VenoPlank

Our VenoPlank is made from sustainably produced European oak, which we install on a birch base using an exterior adhesive. By choosing the best quality only, our floors are guaranteed to last for years. From sawing, planing and drying, to applying the final oil coating; we carry out the entire production process with our advanced machinery in Drachten. That is why you will always get a floor that can proudly wear the ‘Made in Holland’ label.

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