• XXL VenoPlank
    For when you need it supersized

XXL VenoPlank

For when you need it supersized

For those who think big, we have our unique XXL collection. With planks as wide as 60 centimeters and no less than 13 meters in length, you get a floor that packs a punch. Perfectly fitting, with no differences in height and a 100% stability, we dare to say that this floor is unique in our branch and we are proud of it.

For the connoisseur

We produce the XXL VenoPlank in exactly the same way as our other collections. This makes these unique planks excellently available in higher-volume, detailed sorting, but also in prime and rustic counter-sorting. Over the past years, we have become a specialist in these XXL floors. Our team of specialists will alleviate any worry you may have.

Visit our factory

All through the project, we will keep you up to date on the progress during the artisanal production process in our factory. You are of course kindly invited to visit our factory to see for yourself from which wood your floor originates. In addition to European oak, these remarkable XXL VenoPlanks are available in Douglas and American walnut.

This is why the XXL VenoPlank is for you:

  • Top-quality European oak, Douglas, or American oak
  • Unique length of up to 13 meters
  • Unique width of up to 60 centimeters
  • Custom-made plank
  • Highly refined sorting
  • On request only
  • 100% Made in Holland

Meet our VenoPlank

Our VenoPlank is made from sustainably produced European oak, which we install on a birch base using an exterior adhesive. By choosing the best quality only, our floors are guaranteed to last for years. From sawing, planing and drying, to applying the final oil coating; we carry out the entire production process with our advanced machinery in Drachten. That is why you will always get a floor that can proudly wear the ‘Made in Holland’ label

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